What Product Would You Like to Customise?

What are Smartlinks?

Smartlinks are HTML5 Web Apps that can be added to any website to allow the customisation, personalisation or configuration of any product. They are highly configurable and can also be used to sell on demand products with options.  

This website is intended as a showcase of the different business applications and products types that have so far utilised our technology.

App Layout Options

Different types of products or alternative customisation processes require different types of customisers / configurators so we have developed a range of 16 standard options that are available for all customers to use.  Please browse the range to see what works best for your products

All standard layouts can be further modified by using CSS to make them look more like your website or brand. You can browse some examples here of how different you can make the standard layouts look by just changing the style sheet

If you are after something completely different that cannot be created by applying CSS to a standard app then we can build a custom app for you. Custom apps can also be used for more complex customisation processes. You can browse some previously created apps here

Standard Smartlink Features

Fully Interactive 3D Model for 3D

Change colour of whole product

Unlimited Text Areas

Multiple Product Views for 2D - Front, Back etc

Upload images from computer - supports jpg, png, psd, eps & pdf

Rotate, curve, move and scale text

Change colour of parts of product

Add to Cart & Save

Unlimited image areas within a view / 3D model

Upload images from Social Networks (depends on app)

Dropdowns for attributes like size

Upload Images from User Gallery

Resize, Rotate & Move

Select font, size & colour

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Technical Resources

User Support

Full searchable knowledgebase to answer all your questions

For Developers

how to transfer to your production system

Product Information

Pricing, plans and more product details

For Production

Details of the integrated production options

For Developers

How to integrate with your website