Digital HTML5 2D Layout for Branded Signature High Tops


An inventive use of the product canvas is demonstrated with this branded Pokemon product.  The final print file is shown but due to its slightly abstract nature, a mockup of the finished product has also been included.  Synchronised text which features Fill and Stroke and also default rotation and a fixed alignment allows the user to personalise the finished product.

  • HTML5 Available for 2D only
  • Same contemporary style as basic app
  • Pages / print areas display down left side to accomodate more
  • Tabs for images, text, attributes, colour, or Product Selection
  • Ability to change add to cart button colour
  • Has own CSS for editing design
  • Option to get product description & prices from website
  • Computer, Facebook, Google+, Instagram, Flickr or Gallery Image Source
  • Ability to use simple or grouped products
  • Can display multiple galleries


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